brow lamination


Brow enhancements broadly refer to the range of treatments, which aim to naturally or artificially enhance your eyebrows. These treatments have been around for decades now, and it is one of the most popular types of semi-permanent makeup in the beauty industry. 

These professional treatments are available in different options; while some only last for a few days, there are other permanent options. With so many treatments available you can get confused about what to get when you visit an eyebrow clinic

Here are some of the professional treatments explained: 

Eyebrow lamination

This treatment has become the new hype in social media, and well enough, it offers several advantages that have made it a favorite among people. It is a semi-permanent treatment and is like a perm for the eyebrows. This treatment will give your eyebrows a slick, brushed look. 


At GA med spa, the brow artists apply a lifting balm to the brows and cover it with a cling film. After a few minutes, the excess product is removed, and a volumizing solution is applied. The solution helps to hydrate the eyebrows, and the duration of treatment depends on the hair type, but on average, the procedure takes up to two hours. After completion, you can get a tint to make the eyebrows look darker and fuller. Finally, a nourishing serum is applied. Generally, the treatment lasts for six to eight weeks, but this is again dependent on the hair type. 

The hype around this treatment is justified, as it is a great option for most eyebrow hair. It is good for thick eyebrows as it tames the hair and makes it adequately smooth, due to which maintenance becomes easy. It is also a good option for curly hair, which grows in different directions as it smoothes the hair and lays it in a uniform direction. 


Microblading has been around in the beauty industry for a long period and was popularly known as eyebrow tattooing. Currently, the procedure is more refined than it was back in the ages, and it meets all safety protocols as the eye area is sensitive. It is now one of the most popular methods of cosmetic tattooing. 


Microblading is different from the typical tattoo experience as it uses iron-oxide based pigments and is placed superficially on the skin, which makes the treatment semi-permanent. The process takes between one to two hours depending on the hair type, and it can last between 18 to 30 months, during which you can get touch-ups. 

Other Treatments

Eyebrow Tinting: It is one of the least invasive procedures to enhance your eyebrows. Tinting is an easy way to add fullness and define your eyebrows. 

Growth serums: Growth serums are expert-approved treatments for your eyebrows. These serums help to nourish the brows and add depth with constant use. It is a simple way to grow your eyebrows. Be careful about the serums you use as not all products are suitable for the eyebrow area; go for products, which will not cause irritation or other adverse effects. 

Different eyebrow enhancement treatments are available, and each has its characteristic feature. Study the treatments before finalizing treatment for your eyebrows. Visit the experts at GA med spa to determine a treatment, which is suitable for your brow concern. 

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