Eyelash extensions glorify your lashes by making them look thicker and longer. These extensions have become a vital part of makeup as they complete any look by highlighting the eyes and making them appear more youthful. However, not all eyelash extensions are suitable, and some can even cause more harm than good.

While purchasing eyelash extensions, make sure to check the quality by examining the following:

Brushing the eyelash extensions: If you cannot easily brush through the lash extensions, it means that they are of low quality and could potentially damage your natural lashes. Good eyelash extensions can be easily brushed through without causing any discomfort. 

Hard material: Eyelash extensions should not be made of harsh, synthetic material that twists and irritates the eyes. The skin around the eye area is very delicate and can be easily damaged. 

Lash extensions that suit you: While picking out the lash extension of your choice, make sure to select something similar to your natural lashes in terms of length and thickness. When you pick out lash extensions that do not go with your natural lashes, you are likely to end up with an unnatural look. You always want the lash extensions to blend with the natural lashes to give an overall naturally beautiful appeal. 

Same length from inner to outer eye: Lash extensions are not supposed to be uniform from the inner to the outer eye. A skilled technician will consider your eye shape, lash length, and width before finalizing extensions that match your feature. The technician is expected to mix two to three lash lengths to create a gradient look that suits your eye shape. 

Burning sensation: Lash extensions may cause slight tearing of eyes right after application, but they are not supposed to cause prolonged discomfort. Lash extensions that cause a burning sensation or a lot of irritation indicate that the glue quality is not good, or the eye pad might be rubbing on your eyes. 

Short-lived lash extensions: Your lash extensions may be short-lived if the technician is not spending enough time to provide long-lasting lashes. This means that the expert is not applying sufficient numbers of extensions onto your eyelids.

A good lash extension treatment takes between one and a half to two hours, and a full set of lashes should include lashes on all of your natural lashes. Any application that runs shorter than one and a half hours indicates poor service, which will most likely result in short-lived treatment effects. This means that your eyelash extensions will wear off within a week, and by two weeks, all of the lashes will fall off.

The duration of your lash extensions also depends on the quality of your natural lashes. If you have sparse, delicate, and fragile natural lashes, your extensions may not last for a very long time as the extensions will fall off with the natural lashes. 

However, with proper care, the lash extensions are supposed to last for three or more weeks. You can get your refill done once every two to four weeks to keep them looking voluminous and fresh. 

Our technicians at GA Med Spa offer world-class treatment. We strive to provide excellent services to cater to your preferences and have lash extensions of different lengths and volume to highlight your eyes and help you look at the best version of yourself.

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