Hair stroke brows are achieved through the process of microblading. In this procedure, the brow expert employs a manual method to create fine, natural-looking hair strokes. This process makes your eyebrows appear thicker and fuller. This procedure trumps over other semi-permanent brow techniques as it gives the eyebrows a natural look by imitating the presence of the other brow hair. Unlike the other procedures of filling, this has a natural touch, which can be achieved precisely by an expert brow technician. 


The microblading eyebrow treatment at the clinic uses minimally invasive treatment methods, making it a convenient option for those with sensitive skin. The technicians use pure organic pigments to fill in the brows. The organic components of these pigments do not compromise the quality of treatment; they retain their color through sweat and water. 

The uniqueness of hairstroke technique is in the pigmenting; our brow technicians strive to achieve each hairstroke with precision so that they complement your facial features. The end product is semi-permanent brows that appear naturally thicker. We offer frequent touch-ups in case the color of the brow diminishes. With this procedure, you can get perfectly groomed brows, which do not appear artificial. 

To achieve the hair strokes, we will first use face mapping to study the shape of your brows. Face mapping also helps us to design new eyebrows that complement the rest of the face. In the next step, our experts use a microblading pen to draw each stroke on your brows; the strokes are bladed towards the natural direction of hair growth. This is the trickiest part and has to be performed accurately to mimic your natural hair. Only an expert will be able to complete this process safely and precisely. 

Precautionary Measures After Treatment

Since the procedure uses minimally invasive measures, there are a few steps to be followed to improve healing and avoid adverse reactions.

Some of the instructions to be followed include:

  • Avoid excessive sweating (swimming, hot sauna, Jacuzzi, sun tanning) and contact sports right after the treatment. 
  • Avoid laser treatments, chemical peels, and other chemical facial procedures.
  • Avoid touching or scratching the area of the eyebrow. 
  • Avoid excessive alcohol intake because it can slow the process of healing. 
  • After the eyebrows have completely healed, you can use sunscreen on your brows to ensure that the pigment does not fade away. 

We will also provide our custom, after-care serum, and cream to promote healing. 

The treatment procedure has to be individually customized for each person based on varying factors like facial aesthetics and brow type. The permanence of results also vary from person to person; our brow therapists can inform you about all the needed details after the consultation. A typical procedure should not take more than two hours. 

All eyebrow procedures rely on precision; a good brow therapist will be able to achieve perfect results. We are equipped with experts from the United Kingdom who are all proficient in the different eyebrow treatments. We rely on revolutionary treatments that have been proven to be effective for all clients. Our organic and customized resources ensure we provide treatments that are both efficient and safe.

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