Semi Permanent


A long term beauty solution Semi Permanent Eyeliner is perfect for those looking to give their eyes a subtle definition while still retaining the shape of their natural eyes.

Creating the perfect flick can be time consuming, not to mention hard on the symmetry front. Semi Permanent Eyeliner is the latest treatment to give your lash line the right shape, colour and definition. Our therapists work with you to create your bespoke look. A subtle wing? Not a problem! Even a simple lash line can dramatically open up a tired looking eye with the illusion of more lashes and thickness from the root.

We use a bespoke treatment plan to define your eyes with our Semi Permanent Eyeliner treatment. Using our skill and precision you can opt for a defined, subtle or dramatic look.



Semi Permanent Eyeliner begins with our therapists working with you to find the shape and thickness of the eyeliner best suited for your face. Our expert will then draw the eyeliner on your lids – making adjustments according to your preference. our specialised numbing cream is applied beforehand, and selected pigments are blended and applied to your skin with precision and skill.

After treatment effects may vary with every individual. As with all our semi-permanent make-up treatments your therapist will take you through the aftercare to follow for optimum results. Post the treatment, the colour of the eyeliner will intensify for the first 6 -10 days and then fade off for a more natural look.

What is a tune up ? do i need one ?

Is this procedure painful ?

Our experts will ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed during the treatment. We understand every client has a different level of pain tolerance, which is why we apply a numbing cream right before the procedure.

Are there any after effects of this treatment ?

Generally, the after effects vary depending on the individual. In some cases, there may be slight swelling and usually a bit of tenderness, which will gradually subside in a few days.

How long do the results last ?

The duration varies from person to person.

What is the semi permanent eyeliner ?

The Semi Permanent Eyeliner treatment is the natural enhancement of your lash line using a semi permanent makeup solution. We will give your lash line the right shape and colour, redefining its existing shape.