A skilled technique to create a fuller brow, using a super fine tool to achieve natural looking hair strokes.

Semi Permanent Hair Stroke Brows are the most talked about treatment hitting social media, ensuring fuller brows that are customized to suit your bone structure.

Minimal invasion or recovery time we use the best organic products and work to the highest safety standards. This semi permanent treatment mimics the natural hair to create an authentic look.

Looking for middle ground? Why not try a combination of Hair Stroke and Ombré Brows.



Your Artist will begin the treatment using a face mapping technique. They will first study the shape of your brows, and design your new brows to compliment your facial features. They will then use a semi-permanent hair stroke tool to draw individual strokes on your brows to mimic your natural hair.

Post your Semi Permanent Hairstroke Brows treatment, apply our after-care gel and  for extra healing and protection. This is to ensure you get the best results from your procedure. As with all treatments your therapist will take you through the aftercare to follow for optimum results.

DO i need a touch-up after the treatment ?

yes the 4 weeks touch-up is required.

Does the semi permanent hairstorke brows treatment work on thin eyebrows ?

Can i go swimming after my semi permanent hairstroke brows treatment ?

The length of time hair strokes brows last depends from person to person and various lifestyle factors. Your therapist will be best able to advise you during your treatment.

Will the results be immediate ?

Yes. While the pigmentation will start to peel shortly after the procedure, the results are immediately noticeable. The brows will be very sleek with a wet look. This wet look lasts for 24 hours and once washed will remain fluffy. If you want to retain a glossy look, apply a brow gel.

What are semi permanent hairstroke brows ?

Semi Permanent Hairstroke Brows are one of the hottest new beauty treatments seen on runways around the world. This technique helps correct asymmetrical eyebrows, provides volume to your existing brows and solves the problem of hair growing in different directions.