Ombré Brows is the newest shading technique. 100% customizable and perfect for anyone looking for a soft and natural look.

Ombré Brows are the perfect semi permanent option for those looking for more brow coverage with a powder finish. Our expert artists work with the natural brow to create a thicker fuller look that leaves you with a soft shaded natural looking finish.

Minimal invasion or recovery time we use the best organic products and work to the highest safety standards.

Great for all skin types, including oily skin and results last longer than the hair stroke technique.

Looking for middle ground? Why not try a combination of Hair Stroke and Ombré Brows.



Ombré creates more of a powdered look. This is achieved with the application of thousands of tiny dots of pigment, inserted into the skin, gradually building the colour and defined shape. Typically, to appear bolder, the brow is made to look darker at the arch.

Healing takes 2-3 weeks. For the first 3 days, your brows will appear very dark, after which they will gradually start to fade. As with all our semi permanent make up procedures, your therapist will take you through the specific aftercare to follow for optimum results. This procedure will take 2 hours including consultation. Ingredients found in makeup and skincare products may alter the colour of the pigment and affect the healing process. We recommend washing around the area. Make-up application on the area is best avoided during the two week healing time.

How long will the results last ?

DO i need a touch-up after the treatment ?

yes the 4 weeks touch-up is required.

Does this treatment hurt ?

Our brow experts apply our specialized numbing cream on the eyebrow area for 20 minutes before the process so you will experience little to no pain.


Can I wash my face or wear makeup following the treatment ?

Chemicals found in makeup and cleansers may alter the colour of the pigment and affect the healing process, so it would be best to wash around it. And ensure you do not apply makeup on your brows for at least two weeks.

How long will this treatment take ?

This treatment will take approximately 2 hours.